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Junction Landscape provides comprehensive landscape design, installation, renovation and maintenance services that help preserve the beauty and value of your real estate investment. Using cost-effective methods and environmentally sound landscaping principles, Junction provides vibrant landscape settings for Buildings, Corporate Parks, Shopping Centers, Apartment Communities and Public Areas. We work hand-in-hand with Developers, Property Owners, Homeowners’ Associations, and Municipal Entities to improve and maintain not only the look but the value of their property.

With our clients’ needs as our number one priority, our goal is to provide clients with an unparalleled quality and variety of “service experiences.” In addition to maximizing real estate values and reducing energy costs, professional landscaping has a positive effect on human behavior, creating what we often refer to as “a sense of place”.

Junction Landscape was founded by Nachelle and Brian Trepp. What started as an Acreage Mowing business more than 20 years ago has evolved into a Full Service Landscape and Irrigation Company. We are dedicated to using our passion, experience and abilities to make your property look its best, add and maintain value, and deliver a quality and convenient service which provides you with peace of mind.

Junction Landscape is a woman-owned company. We place top priority on impeccable customer service, job quality and competitive pricing. We have an impeccable safety and overall service record, and are incorporated, fully licensed and insured for your protection. Our equipment and trucks are all easily identifiable, and our friendly and professional staff are uniformed and in constant radio contact to provide the excellent customer service that our clients have come to expect.

Irrigation Installation (LI#11156)
Pesticide Application (# 0470775)
Backflow Prevention (#8996)

Our Team

Nachelle “Nicky” Trepp


A native of Iowa, Nicky moved to Houston in 1989 and started her horticulture career at Wolf Nursery in Upper Management. In 1993, Nicky started her own acreage mowing business and progressed until she started Junction Landscape with her husband Brian in 2001. Nicky handles all the marketing aspects of the company.

Brian Trepp

Vice President

A native of Iowa, Brian moved to Houston in 1988 after receiving his Associates Degree in Horticulture from Iowa Central University in 1987. Brian started his horticulture career at Westco Grounds Maintenance in Houston as Operations Supervisor and Manager. In 1999, he assisted in the development of Bluegrass Maintenance in Katy, and was the Operations Manager until 2001 when Junction was started. Brian oversees all operations of the company.

Alex Chachere


Alex grew up in Katy and has been in the landscaping industry with Junction Landscape for over 9 years. He handles all the bidding and estimating for new landscape and irrigation construction bids. Alex is responsible for finding all the subcontractors that we use for our new landscape and irrigation installs. Before Alex took the estimator position at Junction, he was the maintenance superintendent. Alex is a Navy Veteran and returned to work for Junction after he finished serving. Alex has licensing from the State of Texas in Irrigation, #LI0019636, as well as a pesticide license with Texas Department of Agriculture, TDA #0719285.

Jeremy Trepp

Project Manager / New Construction

Jeremy has been in the landscaping industry with Junction Landscape for 7 years. He oversees all of the new construction projects from its conception to completion. Jeremy manages all of our subcontractors, communication with the customers and project architects. He is also in charge of maintaining Junction’s quality standards. Jeremy has licensing from the State of Texas in Landscape Irrigation Technician, #IT0004482.

Courtney Byrd

Account Manager

Courtney has been in the landscaping industry with Junction Landscape for 6 years. She attended Texas A&M University class of 2013, where she majored in Horticulture with an emphasis in Landscape Management and a minor in Agricultural Economics. Courtney handles all the maintenance accounts, and she is the liaison between the customer and Lito, the maintenance superintendent. She holds the skills to exceed the customers’ expectations and to increase detail to a level they deserve. Before Courtney took the account manager position at Junction, she was a project manager for the new construction installs. Courtney has licensing from the State of Texas in Irrigation, #LI0020417, as well as a pesticide license with Texas Department of Agriculture, TDA #0713494.

Jose Sandoval “Lito”

Maintenance Superintendent

Lito has been in the landscaping industry with Junction Landscape for 20 plus years. He oversees all maintenance crews and handles all outside customer service issues. Also, he has hands on knowledge of all maintenance jobs, and any quality control issues are directed to him. Lito’s leadership experience and attention to detail has helped him better serve our clients.

Felicia Mendoza

Office Manager

Felicia has worked at Junction Landscape for 6 years. She takes care of the accounts payable/receivables, human resources, project tracking and time management. Even though Felicia’s strengths lie in the financial functions of the company, she has acquired horticultural knowledge over her the past 6 years of working for Junction to help with any day to day concerns that may arise.